Saturday, January 02, 2010

Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett

I love Discworld. I love Terry Pratchett's writing. I just finished the 11th book of Discworld, Reaper Man. What happens when Death has to die? What happens when a new Death does not promptly appear?

Death is dying. Our beloved character in Discworld is given a few days to live, and sent to Discworld as a skeletal human, to live the rest of his life.

Funny, satirical, and this book is a celebration of life on all aspects. It shows how some people even while alive, may in fact not be living their lives at all. This is what happens to Windle Poons, a 130-year old wizard, who is dying. He dies, but there is no death to take him, so he enters back into his own body. His adventure starts, and Windle, in those last few days, actually lives! He thinks, he listens to what people say to him, and despite being dead, feels alive.

Death on the other hand, starts to understand life. Even though he knows the rules, he breaks them and saves a little girl's life. Death shows how cunning he is, and how he escapes the new Death and reclaims his own place in the Discworld and in our hearts.

I am sorry about Terry Pratchett's illness. I do hope that he can fight it for some time to come, and continue to give us more books. Terry, we all hope for the best.

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