Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Opinions: about the creation museum of the Answers in Genesis religious group

I am sorry to see the power religion has over people. I am sorry to see that organized churches influence people so much so, that they would reject scientific theories and proven facts over unproven claims and mythical tales! I am sorry to see people blinded by religious freaks! I am sorry to see that religion wants to return us to the Middle Ages when even the mention of true science was condemned as magic, and people burned in the stake for their beliefs in science, like Giordano Bruno. And people getting tortured for believing that the Earth rotates (Galileo Galilei). Is this where religion wants to bring the world to? And how many people suffer because of religious beliefs all over the world? How many people are prisoners of their religious beliefs? How many more wars will be fought under the pretenses of God and country?