Friday, July 08, 2011

Writing like Deepak Chopra and other woo merchants.

There is a template that is going around the net these past few days, about how to write like Deepak Chopra's woo, and similar. So I said to myself, that I should try and write some woo like that. I will use the given template, and let's see what I can whip up in a few minutes (and how hilarious it will be):

The mind is like an electron. In both cases when the interference pattern occurs, the physical reality of the wave-particle duality becomes apparent. It is only due to the field that surrounds us all that we can participate in the macroscopic world. From this we know that the quantum reality of the divine exists. Amazingly, lensing is the perfect analog to this phenomenon. This deep connection is the result of active ingredients It is thrilling that there is a fundamental link between us and the universal quantum mind and that consciousness is always found in the quantum decoherence.

How did I do? Please let me know, either with a comment here, or with a tweet @ladyjedi

I must say that this was more difficult than I expected. Maybe because I am studying physics and had to think a bit about what could really fit. Maybe I should not have thought so much, and just put in whatever came to mind?

The red words are the ones that I selected for my quantum woo. The rest is a template given in this blog post:

Deepak Chopra Mad Libs