Friday, September 30, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I bought the game because of a friend who recommended it. I did not start it immediately, after all I am a working girl and a student of the OU, so my time is limited, no matter how much I love games.

All I had to do was to start playing. Once I did I got addicted to Deus Ex, and wanted to know what happens at the end. What is in store for Adam Jensen? Why the mystery surrounding Megan and her team's death? All in all Deus Ex makes for a compelling game.

First of all, the story of Deus Ex: HR is compelling. You want to go further and find out what comes next, what happens at the end, who is behind it all. And make no mistake, there are a number of ways to solve each case, and sometimes, you get surprised by your choices. I did get surprised by my choice on Zeke Sanders at the start. In the end it came out that my choice led to some interesting developments. I played the good guy as much as I could, in the game, and now that I finished the game, I want to go back and try some of the other choices, in certain areas, like explore some stuff more, or go totally stealth/hack. No need for killing.

Secondly, most characters in the game are not one dimensional. For example, Frank Pritchard starts out having a bit of a problem with Adam Jensen, but by the end I would say, that both Adam and Frank become more friendly, more understanding towards each other.

Next, are the excellent graphics. Hengsha is a great city, I loved it very much. I agree with my friend Peter Harrison about Hengsha having that Blade Runner look. I also like the cut scenes, when I hit the Q key for takedowns. I mostly used the peaceful takedowns first time around, but I did kill with those blades a few times.

As for playing the game itself, one thing that was really good for me is that bosses were not as hard as I thought they would be. Except for Barrett, the first one, I think I spent most time on that one, this first time around. But maybe on my next round, I will use more grenades and stuff and he will go down much easier. Must remember also to get the dermal armor early, as well as the Icarus landing system.

All in all this is a game I would highly recommend. I have played a lot of games, and I do not get easily addicted to one, like I was with this game.And in a few days, the DLC with the extra mission comes out, and I am so waiting for that one. I also had the pleasure of getting the limited edition with the extra mission and weapons.

And for the end, I am leaving you with a funny image of Adam Jensen: