Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ghost Whisperer: to whisper or not?

In the last month I started watching Ghost Whisperer, the TV series with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the role of Melinda Gordon, a woman that can see and talk to ghosts, and help them move on to the light. Anyway, I like supernatural shows, despite not believing in the supernatural, and debunking these silly claims. In fact I like Medium, and thought this might be a similar show.

I could not be more wrong. Medium has a darker twist, and not all is sun and sunshine. The theme of solving crimes and getting clues from the dead is definitely absent in Ghost Whisperer...

I watched the first season, and it was okay, with the same theme of ghost in need/family in need/Melinda saves the day/ghost moves on to the light/family happy. I thought this is the first season and the show is trying to find its footing and all, so I'll watch it. And I arrive at the first season finale, where it became interesting with the plane crash and Romano, as a nemesis for Melinda.

And we get to the second season. First episode, and we see the glimpse of getting back into the same old of the first season. I could really not watch past the 3rd episode, I started on the 4th but could not bring myself to watch anymore of the same shit. The show could have some darker twists, and it could have improved if those were integrated into the second season. But no, this is supposed to be a mushy show for the whole family, and at no point, do we want any of that imagination stuff! Same old shit, all the time.

I cannot really understand how a show like Ghost Whisperer which repeats the same pattern ad nauseam can stay for 5 seasons, and Firefly gets canned after the first season. How is it possible that Ghost Whisperer can have 5 seasons and Star Trek Enterprise gets only 4 instead of the usual 7?

I don't know how someone can continue watching more of that stuff... So, no more whispering for me.