Wednesday, January 06, 2010


In the pale moonlight
on the cliffside
a white form
opening her arms
embracing the night
embracing the world

New Dawn

Rise from the darkness
Give the world a new day
New hope

The day breaks
the stars hide
the moon pales
and the sun is up on the sky.


In the night
in the moonlight
two lovers
celebrating love
celebrating life

In the darkness
a man and a woman
holding each other
in the moonlight
and the stars shine on them

In the darkness
the pale moon lights the way
for love
for lovers everywhere
and the stars smile.

Elric of Melnibone

Eyes of fire
Skin of milk
Sword of life
Sword of doom

Sorcery his strength
Sword his vengeance
Blood of Chaos
Blood of Kings

Cymoril his love
Zarozinia his wife
Their deaths by his sword
his doom, his destiny

Fulfill his destiny
Sound the Horn
Chaos is gone
Earth reborn

The White Wolf dies
at the hands of his sword
"Farewell my friend
I was more evil than you ever were."

Knights of today

In my dreams
cities of old
cities in war
knights in shining armours
fighting dragons...

Knights of today
come not in shining armours
or holding magic swords;
dragons of today
come not spouting fire
or keeping riches in their hoards!

Knights of today
fight dragons of "tomorrow"...

Falling Star

A falling star
shining through the sky above:
a little child in a rainbow
watching the small star...
"Mommy a falling star..."
Make a wish
little child,
your dreams may come true
because the faeries from the stars
are down on Earth
this beautiful night!

Ode to Life

Hear Me,
O People of this Earth,
May your gods protect you
From the evil that lurks
in darkness!
May your life shine bright,
bright as the sun,
in a midsummer's day!
May love be in your heart
for as long as the moon
travels the skies above!
May beauty be in your soul
and shine in the dark
just as the stars brighten
the night!
May your wisdom be vast,
as vast as the universe itself;
and may your dreams,
unreachable as they seem,
become real, as real
as you, oh people,
and as real, as I am,
I who dedicate this ode
to the most precious gift
the gods have given us:

Written 02/02/1993


The stars are shining
A girl in  aroom
if the starlight
will brighten
her lonely life...

And she sits
alone in the room
waiting, hoping
for the starlight
to enter her life.

But deep inside
she knows
the small flickering
is just a dream,
a white dream
in a black world.

Written 01/02/1993. Written during one of my depressions. When they hit me, I always saw everything as black and white.

Ode to the Moon

Pale Moon
lover's dream
peot's nurse;
the stars wink at you
but eternally you stand
to remind us of love
and dreams.
Dream on, people,
the moon is high in the sky
looking at you
telling you that love is real.

Written 22/01/1993


Time will crawl
but never on the feet
of puny mortals
Time plays with
Time knows she's
in control.
Never will she give
an inch of her territory;
and her territory is death!

Written 08/11/1992

More poetry...

The following articles will be some of my own poetry written a long time ago. Admittedly they are not very good, but I don't want to lose those poems, so I am putting them here.

Re-reading them, I see how bad, how corny some of these are... I think that the only one that I truly like, is the one that I wrote after reading the full saga of Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock. Elric is one of his best characters, and I loved every one of those stories.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Lesbian Vampire Killers

If you thought that this was porn, and specifically lesbian porn, you couldn't be further away from the truth. What is this movie about then?

It is supposed to be a comedy, a satire of Vampire shows and movies. Nice try but no go. Not bad, but I did not laugh at any part. maybe sneered or smiled a bit.

The movie has it all: corny dialogue, the chosen one, a priest, a virgin... and lots of women scantily dressed and pretending to be lesbian vampires!

However, there is something lacking. The dialogue was there, the setting was really good. I cannot blame the director, I thought he did a good job. Paul McGann is excellent as the Vicar, and I thought that he needed someone else to act alongside.

Neither James Corden [Fletch] nor Matthew Home [Jimmy] really were up to the task. There was something missing from their acting, and at times it was like they were bored with the whole movie.

The basic story itself is quite good and has a lot of room for comedic situations, which I felt were not delivered. Or as I said poor acting made some of the jokes and in-jokes invisible to the audience.

My take on it is: a lot of undelivered potential. The main actors were a very bad choice for this movie. Watchable? Yes, with friends, appropriate commentary, some alcoholic beverage of your choice, food [preferably take out]. You can laugh at the expense of this movie, but not with this movie.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blasphemy in Ireland; The new law is a blow to humanism and secularism.

I was appalled when I heard about the new blasphemy law in Ireland. And here I thought, that despite the religiousness of a lot of Irish people, at least the government was secular. But I couldn't be more wrong. The new blasphemy law, fines anyone who blasphemes against christianity with a 25.000 (twenty-five thousand) euros!

This is a very dangerous law. It is a law that brings Ireland back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition, back to the days when even saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun, was blasphemy. Where do you draw the line? Why is it that religions are the only ones to cry "Blasphemy" every time someone uses their critical thinking and logic to dismantle their irrational claims?

This is a law that limits individual freedoms, the right to free speech. People have a right to free speech, and if they want to blaspheme, that is their right! Why do the religious find it okay to bash homosexuals, for example? And then, they will find it blasphemous to reply to this hate-mongering? How about the oppression of women in many religions, including christianity? Would it be okay to say that in the Bible god is a misogynistic prick? Which is backed up by evidence, from the religious holy book? Or it will be considered blasphemous?

How many books and movies have blasphemy in it? A lot of them. And if fundamentalists have their way, even science will be affected by this irrational and dangerous law. Evolution is considered, only by the religious, and especially the fundamentalists, to be a controversial subject. That man evolved is considered blasphemy to the fundies, even though the scientific evidence for evolution is overwhelming. And that is only one of the sciences that can be affected by the law.

And what is next? Would teachers be affected in their teaching of evolution, of the Big Bang, of everything that is contradictory to the holy book of christianity?

Ireland is paving the way back to irrationality, dogmatism, oppression, through this law. Because blasphemy is one important stepping stone backwards to the time of the Middle Ages, and the times of the Spanish Inquisition.

As a response to the new law, the Irish Atheists have put up in their blog 25 blasphemous quotations from famous people, including Jesus Christ, and are asking for everyone's support so that the new law can be repelled:

25 Blasphemous Quotations

The Chronicles of Riddick

A while ago, I bought this movie on Blu Ray disk. I had liked Pitch Black, and knew that there was a sequel based on the character of Riddick, played by Vin Diesel.

I watched this last night, and in many ways I thought this is D&D in space. Why? From various names, like necromongers, elementals, etc. to the story, there are many things that reminded me of D&D and the Dragonlance novels at times.

The story is nothing new; there was a prophecy, and a chosen one, who happens to be Riddick. He is also one of the last remaining people of his race, the Furyans, and the one to kill the bad guy.

I would like to have seen more of the universe of Riddick; while I think of it as an adaptation of D&D worlds into space, it has potential. I liked the concept of Crematoria, from the few planets that I have seen. I think there may be more interesting stories to be told in the same universe.

Let's go to the acting part of the story. I have seen worse acting than Vin Diesel's. I must say that he is fine in such action movies; not an Oscar perrformance, but a decent one for an action packed movie. And of course he does have a deep voice which I really like, and Diesel's quite handsome.

Dame Judy Dench is always an excellent actress, and you can see the difference immediately. Even at small roles such as this, Dame Judy Dench makes a difference with her performance.

All in all, this movie is not a bad movie. It is the kind of movie to just relax with, and let your mind rest. 2 hours of almost non-stop action, Vin Diesel for the ladies...