Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Chronicles of Riddick

A while ago, I bought this movie on Blu Ray disk. I had liked Pitch Black, and knew that there was a sequel based on the character of Riddick, played by Vin Diesel.

I watched this last night, and in many ways I thought this is D&D in space. Why? From various names, like necromongers, elementals, etc. to the story, there are many things that reminded me of D&D and the Dragonlance novels at times.

The story is nothing new; there was a prophecy, and a chosen one, who happens to be Riddick. He is also one of the last remaining people of his race, the Furyans, and the one to kill the bad guy.

I would like to have seen more of the universe of Riddick; while I think of it as an adaptation of D&D worlds into space, it has potential. I liked the concept of Crematoria, from the few planets that I have seen. I think there may be more interesting stories to be told in the same universe.

Let's go to the acting part of the story. I have seen worse acting than Vin Diesel's. I must say that he is fine in such action movies; not an Oscar perrformance, but a decent one for an action packed movie. And of course he does have a deep voice which I really like, and Diesel's quite handsome.

Dame Judy Dench is always an excellent actress, and you can see the difference immediately. Even at small roles such as this, Dame Judy Dench makes a difference with her performance.

All in all, this movie is not a bad movie. It is the kind of movie to just relax with, and let your mind rest. 2 hours of almost non-stop action, Vin Diesel for the ladies...

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Svetla Yankova said...

Riddick forward & upward forever!