Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Religious child abuse

This photo was taken in the island of Tinos in Greece. The island is famous for the icon of the Virgin Mary, who is supposed to make miracles happen.

The church of the Virgin Mary in Tinos where the icon is held, is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, or should I better say one of the most profitable scams. People from all over the world flock there, especially on the 15th of August as a pilgrimage, parting with some of their most valuable possessions in the vain hope of having a miracle happen.

Some, or rather a lot of people, walk on their knees to the church for a big length, sometimes doing this for a couple of hours to reach the church in humility. I can't imagine what this does to their knees, and how many of them will need to spend more money on doctors to fix their knees because they are idiots.

But if these people want to make the Orthodox Church richer and risk their health, it is their own business as long as they are adults. They have no right to impose this on their children. As the photo shows, some idiot parents made their small child walk on its knees to the church. What does this abuse do to a small child?

In other parts of the civilized world, these parents would have lost custody of their child. This is a disgusting practice, and this is child abuse. I am disgusted at those parents, they cannot be called parents, but child abusers.

NB. The photo is courtesy of Stefanos Papanikos.


Invictus_88 said...

It is one thing to dislike or disapprove of the practice on the basis of it un-rationality.

But to suggest that it would be civilised to deprive parents of the custody of their child for encouraging it to crawl?

That is not what most people would call an adequate rationality either.

Darkchilde said...

I don't think you understand what is happening here. It is religious child abuse. Those parents are forcing the child to walk on its knees for a very long time, to arrive to the church on its knees... This in my book is religious child abuse. You may not see it, but I would never ever subject my child to this kind of abuse and if anyone even tried to do so, I would forbid them to ever come close to my child again. Whether it would be its own father or grandparents, I don't care. This kind of behaviour is child abuse.

Anonymous said...

If what you're saying really happened, I think you're right, their "right to be parents" should be revoked for a short or long time, until, they basically understand that it is totally stupid what they're doing. Problem is, you do not provide any evidence. You just write whatever you wanna arbitrarily and because you provide no evidence whatsoever, I dare say figuratively. To be frank, I absolutely love your blog. It is VERY good and a lot of stuff I've read here is exceptionally valuable. But how can you expect anybody to actually believe what you're writing? You might say "Ok, I don't give a shit about whether they believe it or not, I know it's true", but if that's your opinion, you'd better not publish your shit on the internet, where people are not in any way obliged to believe you and if they don't believe you, a blog is practically useless. Excuse me for being rude, and if I insulted you I offer you my greatest apologies. Again, I find your blog hell interesting, that's the only objection I have.