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Doctor Who - Voyage of the Damned & Season 4 - David Tennant

And we come to the last of Tennant's seasons as The Doctor. The Christmas Special is the episode named "Voyage of the Damned", with Kylie Minogue guest starring, and surprisingly, she was good in her role! It's not one of the best episodes of Doctor Who, and could be a lot better. However, there is one very important reason to see this episode: David Tennant's portrayal of The Doctor. You can have a bad script, a bad director or all of those put together, and still Tennant's performance will make a difference. In this Christmas episode, he finds someone named Alonso, so he finally gets to say "Allons-y Alonso!"

Fourth season and Catherine Tate returns to the role of Donna Noble. We had seen her in the previous Christmas Special, the Runaway Bride, and I am really glad she joined the cast this season. There is good chemistry between Tennant and Tate; from the first moment they are together, you know it's going to be good. They are opposite characters or is Donna just hiding more than she shows? Maybe something she isn't even aware of?

Throughout the season, Tate's performance is one of the best of the series. She has strength, she is impetuous, and her character ties very well with Tennant's Doctor. Donna has a very human side, and one of the scenes where this is evident, is in the second episode, when she asks the Doctor, maybe more like a demand, to save just one person from the destruction of Pompeii.

Martha Jones phones the Doctor, because UNIT has an alien problem. Something's not quite right in the ATMOS factories, and the Doctor goes to Earth once more to help. The Sontarans, old enemies of the Doctor, are behind everything, and it is up to the Doctor and some unexpected help to save the day. I liked Martha Jones in this double episode much more than in Season 3.

Two of the best episodes of the season are Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. Guest starring Alex Kingston as Professor River Song, who is an old companion of the Doctor from... his future! And maybe the only person we've seen so far that knows his real name...

I really liked the character of River Song; she is a strong character, someone who related well to The Doctor, and who had a dynamic relationship with him, I would say. A big part of this double episode, was based on the relationship between the two, and yet again, the performances by the actors were what made it work. The script was also good, but I have seen good scripts being ruined by incompetent actors... But here we have strong performances and a good, solid script.

This is the best episode of the season: Turn Left. What would have happened if Donna did not have a job at HC Clemens? What would have happened if The Doctor had died before being able to regenerate in the events that took place in the Runaway Bride, exactly because Donna was not there?

Rose Tyler returns to help Donna, and through Donna sends The Doctor a very important message: Bad Wolf.

In the last double episode of the season, we have the return of almost all the characters that at one time or another have been companions to the Doctor, and a few more surprises: Rose Tyler comes back, along with her mother Jackie, and Mickey; we have the return of Captain Jack Harkness, and Martha Jones; Sarah Jane Smith, and an enemy from the past: Davros. This episode though has left me with tears and bitterness at the end.

Due to a metastatic crisis, Donna becomes a human/timelord hybrid, and acquires all the knowledge of a timelord. The Doctor:s hand, due to the same metastatic crisis, regenerates into a human Doctor, with all the knowledge and memories of The Doctor. The Donna-Doctor hybrid, along with the human Doctor, are the ones who will get the rest of the gang out of trouble.

However, it is the Human Doctor, that will give a permanent solution; a solution which our beloved Timelord does not like. But is this the reason he leaves Rose and the Human Doctor together in the parallel world? Or is he really thinking of Rose's feelings and happiness, because the Human Doctor has one heart, will grow old with Rose and will not regenerate? And he harbors the same feelings towards Rose as the Timelord?

In the final scene, he has to wipe out Donna's memory, otherwise the knowledge of a Timelord, will kill her. If she ever remembers him again, Donna will die. He has to say goodbye to her, forever. The rest of the gang proceeds with their own lives, leaving the Doctor alone once more.The hard words spoken by Davros have left a deep scar, a mark on the Doctor, and this will influence his behaviour in the specials, that mark the last appearance of David Tennant as the Doctor.

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